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 This website was conceptualized when these two brokers Jim & Mia decided to merge their talent and resources to come up with a window to showcase some real estate property  which may find interest to the readers as well as possible buyers and even to entertain would be sellers of real estate property. This is a brief story of these two brokers:

Armando Jim Ordonez, Jr. started as a real estate broker in 2012, when after passing the PRC board licensure exams given last February 2012, he immediately ventured into real estate selling. Having zero experience in the real estate field, he decided to get accredited with big and small real estate developers which came along his way via the facebook groups which he belonged – whose members were basically his batch mates in the review class he attended. What caught his fancy was a presentation of a development featuring a housing project with a golf course as one of its highlight features.  So he got accredited with a small realty group in September 2012, offering this particular development as one of its products. A sales agent named Mia Padua was among the sellers of the group. Armando who is fondly called as Jim convinced Mia to also take the licensure board exams for real estate brokers. So in 2014, she took the exams and passed.

Having gained some experience and some confidence buoyed by some sales, they decided to form a group to market Sun Valley Golf & Residential Estates. Recruitment of sales agents followed suit. With the short time that the group was formed, there were about eleven sales agents who came in and who eventually faded out of the scene. Then brokerage beckoned. Listings of sellers came pouring in. And so the group who by this time dwindled to just the two brokers pursued this other side of real estate business. In brokerage the two learned to process the transfer of titles, dealing with the different government agencies like the registry of deeds, Bureau of Internal Revenue, assessor’s and treasurer’s office, Land Registration Authority and even the Department of Environment and Natural Resources!

Brokerage gave us a lot of excitement and anxieties! Meeting all kinds of people from buyers to sellers, agents and brokers alike, some genuine, some pretenders, all wanting to get a portion of the cake. Stories dealing with experiences encountered like these to follow….


Our Real Estate Broker Credentials

Armando Jim O. Ordoñez Jr. (Jim Ordoñez) passed the PRC Real Estate Brokers licensure exams last February 2012 , his Real Estate Broker PRC License Number is 13278 (PRC L# 13278)


To verify our PRC license as real estate brokers, you may use the following procedure:

Visit the “Verification of Professional Licenses” page at PRC’s website:

Use the “Search by name” option

From the list in the “Profession” box, select REAL ESTATE BROKER

On the “First Name” box, enter ARMANDO JIM

On the “Last Name” box, enter ORDONEZ

Click on the orange “Verify” button

The verification result will be displayed