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Ubiquitous. That is probably the best way to describe condominiums. They are almost everywhere and tower over other vertical structures. Being ubiquitous has its reasons. And some good reasons if I may say. Practical living that is. Many people young and old, students, employees, business persons and even retirees  have seen and experienced the practicality of living in a condo. For those living in the outskirts of the metropolis and are employed in the business districts of the city, going to and coming from home or work has become a drudgery for them. Quality of life has definitely spiraled down. It has become a vicious routine of home to work , sleep then work to home, sleep. Now when the condos started sprouting all over the city the time of bonding with the family has vastly improved. Even the amount of rest one needs has also gone up. Places of interests like malls, supermarkets, schools, entertainment centers and many others have become so near that dwellers need not spend much time travelling to their point of destinations.  Though not the most ideal, condo living has offered a viable alternative not to mention the conveniences it has to offer. Speaking of practical condo living, DMCI one of the most reputable and dependable developers in the country has strategically built its condominium development where dwellers can find ease in their day to day living. Inside and out, DMCI developments have made sure that buyers experience the fun and excitement as they go out of their respective condo units en route to their destinations, whether to swim in the pool or just to kill time in the lounge area. Landscaped pocket gardens, lanai and pools adorn their projects. So next time you shop for a new condo unit, never forget to take a look at what DMCI condo projects have to offer. Lest I forget these are the new developments DMCI is undertaking right now ---